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Macroom Mountain Dew - Memories of Ireland’s First Rock Festival

You OK, Christy – Memoirs of a Survivor - Christy Fleming

Hibs! A History of Cork Hibernians FC 1957-1976 - Michael Russell

Food Most Royal - Nurture for Posterity - Nora McNamara & Stephen Morse

The Legacy of Irish Missionaries Lives On - Matt Moran

Queer Republic of Cork - Cork’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Communities 1970s-1990s

Dictatorship - My Teenage War with OCD

Catryn Power - Short Stories

The Lettercollum Cookbook - Recipes From The Kitchen Project by Karen Austin

Ghost of Shandon
Alan Corbett

My Goodness – easy wholesome cooking
Liz Nolan

A Race against Time
Noel Kavanagh

Love is for the Birds
Marcia Wrixon

Our Daily Bread - A History of Barron's Bakery
Roz Crowley

Other Days
Michael A. Healy

A Reflective Process for Development - A Pathway to Meaningful Partnership
Sr Nora McNamara and Prof Stephen Morse

While Keeping Watch
- what they don't teach you at Garda College by Patrick Daly

Stop Howling at the Moon
- 101 Bedtime Stories for Managers by Eamon O'Donnell

The Health Squad - Guide to Health and Fitness

A Kingdom of Wine - A Celebration of Ireland's Winegeese Ted Muphy

At Home in Renvyle

A Sporting Beat The Story of a Sports Mad Garda

Who Brings Trees Brings Life People and Trees in Igalaland

Stirmixmash Cook book for young people

French Country Roads - A wine lover's guide to France John D. O'Connell

Breast Disease Antoinette Clancy

Tom Doorley Uncorked! Tom Doorley

The Merchants of Ennis Sean Spellissy

Developing On-Farm Research - The Broad Picture
Nora McNamara and Stephen Morse

The Ultimate Guide to Meeting the Opposite Sex Kevin Fitzsimons

Dealing with Chronic Pain
Dr. Jack Barrett, Marna Carey, Dr. Gillian Moore-Groarke

The Book of Scarves
Christiane Keller-Krische

Keeping Resources Human
Declan Browne

The Man from the Railway
James P. McNally

Tackling Men's Health
Dr. John O'Riordan

You May Talk Now!
Mary Phil Drennan

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