The Health Squad Guide to Health and Fitness

Advice from health experts is difficult to filter these days. With big business attached to many health products and diets, we need an objective view of health problems and how to avoid them.

The Health Squad Guide to Health & Fitness brings together the talents of three experienced and qualified health experts to give a wide range of advice from what to eat to how to increase energy levels, look and feel better. Their advice on RTÉís Health Squad has proved invaluable to many who had given up on ever feeling well again and has resonated throughout Ireland for those with recurring minor problems to serious health issues.

Presenters Nutritionist Paula Mee, Holistic Therapist Karen Ward and Fitness expert Padraig Murphy have a unique approach to health. Theirs is not a hairshirt and penitential attitude, but one of practical, sound advice which, with only a modicum of determination, will help improve quality of life. The book doesnít preach, but gives the facts, plenty of doís and donít and is so easily presented, it is accessible to those who donít have a lot of time to read.

Health Squad is one of RTÉís most successful home-produced lifestyle programmes and viewership has increased in each of its four years on air.


The Health Squad - Guide to Health and Fitness
192 pages, full colour, paperback.

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The book has been edited by Health/Food/Wine writer Roz Crowley and is published by Onstream with the assistance of safefood.

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