Book Title: While Keeping Watch

This colourful booklet was launched 3 February in the Palais des Thés, Wicklow Street, Dublin, by the Abbot of Glenstal Mark Patrick Hederman who said: "Nora McNamara and Professor Steve Morse should eventually become the title of a TV series like Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson or Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire or simply Bonnie and Clyde."

"They have been doing this amazing double act for nearly a quarter of a century and they have changed our vision of development in all parts of the world."

"This hand-book should be one of the most practical and influential ways of, literally, changing the face of the earth. They have put into 20 pages with photographs, diagrams and simple words, the way to make this planet work."


A Reflective Process for Development - A Pathway to Meaningful Partnership

Sr Nora McNamara and Prof Stephen Morse

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This booklet aims to be a guide to reflecting on relationships that non-governmental agencies and individuals have with each other and with governments and donors.

Based on their long-standing experience and research in the field in Nigeria, Professor Morse and Sister Nora hope that this handbook will make it easier to manage complex relationships between those who need help and those who are in a position to give it.

This is the authors fourth collaboration following: Developing On-Farm Research - The Broad Picture; Developing Financial Services - Case Against Sustainability; Who Brings Trees Brings Life.