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Winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for a wine history book

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A Kingdom of Wine A Celebration of Ireland's Winegeese charts the drinking traditions, wine-making and wine trading history of the Irish from pre-Christian times to the present day.

A collection of mainly Irish made wine artifacts and wine labels of Winegeese throughout the world enhance this colourful publication, along with quotations from poets who have celebrated wine throughout the years.

Chapter 1. Wine in Antiquity
Chapter 2.   Wine in Ancient Ireland
Chapter 3.   The Flight of the Winegeese to Europe
Chapter 4.   America A Unique Affinity
Chapter 5.   Winegeese in the Southern Hemisphere
Chapter 6.   Accessories in the Service of Wine - corkscrews, early Irish wine bottles, Irish glassware, labels

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A Kingdom of Wine - A Celebration of Ireland's Winegeese
160 pages, full colour, hardback.

Ted Murphy


 Ted Murphy, who recently was awarded an honorary doctorate from UCC, has a passion for his subject - the history of wine and anything to do with it. He converted his hobby interest in antiques to focusing his collecting on wine artefacts, most of them of Irish origin, many of which are in this book.

Discovering links between Ireland and some of the great wines of the world started him on a road that for him is an unending and exciting one. From the discovery of the interest the Irish had in celebrating with wine in pre-Christian times, to blending it in the 18th century, to the history of those who left Ireland to trade in and to later become prestigious players in its production, the journey became more exciting with every revelation.

Around 1980 he began to realize there was even more to know about the Irish interest in wine, and soon his accumulation of facts and figures became larger and larger files. Collecting wine labels in his extensive travel throughout Europe and the US, visits to wineries led to exchanges of information to mutual benefit. Friendships with winemakers and chateau owners grew and his enthusiasm became infectious. A Kingdom of Wine is its expression.