Food Most Royal

Food security is a term that is hardly on the tips of most people’s tongues, especially those living in the Northern Hemisphere. But while the term may be unfamiliar, we can all recognise the outcomes of its opposite – food insecurity – namely, hunger, food banks and crop contamination.

This book is about how we can work towards growing enough for everyone, available at the right quality and an affordable price. While food’s cultural significance is not always fully appreciated, most eating habits are strongly cultural, with indigenous foods prepared and presented in many ways.

Can you imagine Ireland without the potato, or China without rice? The authors explore many aspects of food security within the context of a single African crop of major cultural significance — the white yam.

Food Most Royal is a tribute to those who have worked for over four decades with a crop they cherish. It aims to encourage others to value food resources as a key element in preserving our environment.

This is an important and timely resource for farmers and students alike.
Darina Allen,
Ballymaloe Cookery School, Co Cork, Ireland


Food Most Royal -
Nurture for Posterity

Authors: Nora McNamara & Stephen Morse


Price: €20

ISBN: 9781897685518

Hardback: 168 pages