19 Seasons. 228 Players. 1 Legend

The story of Cork Hibernians is like the story of Cork itself: from the imagination and courage of foundation, to the striving and building of a reputation, to the eventual euphoria of being the best!

When the final whistle blew on a near twenty-year spread of tears and cheers, the memories endure, and are still talked about with fondness and reverence by the many fans and friends of one of Cork’s most successful sporting giants.

Michael Russell has assembled a comprehensive tapestry of tales, facts and statistics from the legend of the legends: CORK HIBS!

A golden era ... remarkable attention to detail and accuracy
Billy George Sportswriter,
Irish Examiner

HERE! HERE! The HIBS are Here! HIBS! A History of Cork Hibernians by Michael Russell >>


Hibs! A History of Cork Hibernians FC 1957-1976

Author: Michael Russell

Price: €25*


ISBN: 978 1 897685 50 1

Paperback B

440 pages
38 b/w photographs